Stephanie Boston for Maryland State Senate District 10


Dear Citizens of the 10th District:

Having taught for twenty-three years, I have come to realize the strong correlation between: education, job and economic development and public safety.

If we wish to have a strong community, we must develop a responsive and flexible public educational system; focused more on fairness and ability and less on zip codes.

Listening to many of you and traveling the district, I have come away with the message that there is a need for stronger code enforcement and for impact fees to accompany the new development to offset the strain to our already outdated and over burdened infrastructure.

The lack of efficient and well thought out public transportation as well as recreation for our teens and young adults are closely related to public safety issues.

The state can better interface with county government to create adequate transportation and recreational zones that will serve the citizens of District 10 and challenge the energy of our young citizens.

Our most cherished resources, our senior citizens can play a major role in mentoring our youth by creating a District wide foster grand parent program, that would be both spiritually and financially rewarding; as we create youth centers in the four corners of our district.

Lastly, when you bestow upon me the privilege of representing you in the Maryland Legislature: I promise I will establish a Compass Committee that will meet with me each month to chart the direction you wish our district to go as we move to enhance state services and interface with county and federal government to make District 10 a livable community.

Sincerely yours,

Stephanie A. Boston,

Candidate for Senator for District 10.

Stephanie Boston is for Education
Vote Stephanie Boston
"Let The Future Begin..."

Stephanie Boston is for Education
Vote Stephanie Boston
"Let The Future Begin..."

Citizens to Elect Stephanie Boston,
Morgan Boston -Treasurer

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