Stephanie Boston for Maryland State Senate District 10

The Issues


There is nothing more essential for our future success – as individuals, as families, as a district, and as a state – than investing in quality education for every child no matter their zip code. Candidate Boston believes that we must do everything we can to keep the doors to opportunity open for all our children, and that charge is more urgent now than ever before. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the foundational gaps ingrained in our education system at all levels – from child-care to early education costs, there’s a chronic widening of the digital divide and more. These gaps must be tackled head-on.  Candidate Boston also believes that every high school graduate should have a range of affordable options to pursue their ambitions and careers. She supports the college promise program and other flexible educational opportunities like community college. Candidate Boston knows that a college degree isn’t the only pathway to success, and she remains committed to increasing our state’s focus on industry certifications, apprenticeships, and lifelong retraining in-order- to create more opportunities for good-paying jobs for Marylanders.


Every Marylander deserves to feel safe in their home and community. As your Senator I will sponsor a more direct and effective firearm safety legislator. By Enforcing our existing gun laws, as your Senator, I will lead the effort to reform the state laws on illegal gun traffickers who flood our streets and are responsible for illegally selling the guns that fall into dangerous hands. Efforts to reduce gun violence must go hand-in-hand with additional initiatives to strengthen public safety and restore trust between police officers and the communities they serve. As your Senator I will put the needs of our residents first, help to treat mental illness and drug misuse as a public health concern and ensure that law enforcement is available to respond to the situations and that they are trained to handle these delicate situations.


Senior citizens have earned the dignity of a secure retirement after paying into Medicare and Social Security throughout their working careers. Healthcare is an earned benefit in the state of Maryland. Many seniors in Maryland are burdened by the skyrocketing prices of essential and life-saving medications. As your Senator I will work to improve our health care system for seniors, and prescription drug affordability is a key pillar of that effort. In the 10 th District, 56% of our population is elderly, and your physical abilities might start limiting your freedom to go where you want to go when you want to go. Public transportation (mobility) in our area is woefully inadequate. As your Senator i will work with MTA and the United States Department of Transportation to ensure there is proper funding to ensure there is adequate transportation in the district. No one will be left behind!

Sincerely yours,

Stephanie A. Boston,

Candidate for Senator for District 10.

Stephanie Boston is for Education
Vote Stephanie Boston
"Let The Future Begin..."

Stephanie Boston is for Education
Vote Stephanie Boston
"Let The Future Begin..."

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